Previous Speakers

Brooke Henderson

RVP for Strategic Partnerships – Yext

Coming from a small business background with experience in automotive, Brooke’s sales expertise, experience in traditional media, and co-founding a digital agency has driven her to become a trailblazer in the world of digital marketing since 1999. With her partners’ success in mind, Brooke’s sole focus is to provide turnkey reseller strategies that elevate their small business clients’ marketing game, empowering them with the resources and tools to drive revenue and reduce client attrition. Her passion for developing best-in-class digital experiences is unrivaled, making her a force to be reckoned with in the digital marketing space. In her spare time, she loves spending time on the horse farm and playing an occasional round of golf in Wilmington, NC.

Steve Jones

SVP for Radio - Stingray Speaker & Author

Everything you need to know to build a stronger business you can learn from the legends of rock n’ roll. Music industry veteran Steve Jones takes you backstage to show you how the core strategies of AC/DC, Bob Marley, U2, Fleetwood Mac, and Run DMC can help you create a more successful business.

Steve is the author of two popular business books, Brand Like a Rock Star and Start You Up. He is based in Toronto, Canada, where he oversees brands and content for Stingray Radio, a global music, media, and technology company.

Wendy Kinney

Marketing Coach & Speaker

For more than a decade, Wendy Kinney has given entrepreneurs the essential tools to grow their businesses through the power of referral-based marketing. In 1995, she opened the Atlanta office of PowerCore, the most effective referral network in America.

Wendy’s unwavering passion for referral-based marketing stems from her deep-rooted belief in its proven efficacy. She knows firsthand that this approach yields tangible results, and she is dedicated to sharing this knowledge to empower others.

Aaron Stokes

Shop Owner & Founder – Shop Fix Academy

Aaron has been in the automotive industry since 1999, and he owns 9 thriving repair shops in Middle Tennessee. After he and his shops encountered an unexpected and extremely challenging obstacle, Aaron founded Shop Fix Academy. Little did he know at the time how many lives it would impact. His aim is to provide more value to the industry than anyone else and to transform how automotive repair is done.

Ryan Burton

Founder & CEO – Leads Near Me Founder – High Gear Auto Repair Marketing Conference

Ryan is the CEO of Leads Near Me a leading digital marketing agency specializing in auto repair shops. He is also the founder of the High Gear Auto Repair Marketing Conference. As a 2023 Google Premier Partner, Leads Near Me oversees over $10 million per year in Google ad spend for shops. Prior to his success in digital marketing, Ryan began his career in radio and music. He achieved recognition as a top salesperson at Cumulus Media, was on air for 8 years, and had the opportunity to open for many renowned Canadian rock bands and also shared the stage with international acts like Joan Jett and The Blackhearts.

Tim Ross

President & Co-Founder – UpSwell

A 20-year sales and marketing veteran, Tim co-founded the direct mail postcard company, Mudlick Mail, with partners Greg and Sherri Sands in 2008. He focused the postcard program on using a data-driven marketing approach with concierge service to help small business owners grow their businesses.

In 2018, Mudlick Mail had grown to $47M in sales and was sold for $73M to a to a national private equity company. Since the sale in 2018, Mudlick Mail has rebranded to UpSwell and has grown revenue to $70M in the last 5 years.

Angela Hickey

Sales Leader – Effectv

Angela is a sales leader with Effectv, a division of Comcast Advertising, and has been navigating the evolving world of TV and streaming advertising for 17 years. She has leveraged the power of video storytelling to help grow the brands of hundreds of clients in the Atlanta area.

With deep appreciation for a helpful spreadsheet and a fine cup of tea, Angela takes a candid and consultative approach to helping clients determine when and how to incorporate TV into their marketing strategy.

Thomas Hays

Podcaster Extraordinaire

Thomas Hays started in the automotive industry in 2011 at EuroFix, TN, mentored by Aaron Stokes. He gained key insights at EuroFix’s corporate office and helped found Shop Fix Academy. In November 2023, he became VP of Sales & Operations at Leads Near Me.

In 2022, Thomas launched “Success Leaves Clues: An Automotive Industry Podcast,” featuring industry leaders’ stories. Popular among automotive professionals, it averaged 2,000 monthly downloads. Known for his engaging style, Thomas is a prominent figure in the auto podcast arena and plans to launch a new podcast in spring 2024.

Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg

Founder & CEO – Turnkey Marketing

Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg is the Founder and CEO of Turnkey Marketing, the world’s #1 Director of Marketing Service for auto repair shops. Based in Overland Park, KS, this top-rated agency was recognized as the 9th Fastest Growing Company in the Kansas City Metro and a prominent woman-owned business. A well-known figure in the automotive industry, Carrie-Lynn regularly speaks, sponsors, and writes for events like Shop Fix Academy, ATI, Ratchet+Wrench, and others. Turnkey Marketing stands out as a vital done-for-you management solution, taking on the role of a fractional Director of Marketing for busy shop owners.

Andrew Dremak

Head of Partnerships & Business Development – Steer CRM

Andrew Dremak is the Head of Partnerships & Business Development at Steer CRM, bringing a seasoned strategic marketing background with a strong dedication to enhancing customer experiences (CX) through impactful industry collaborations. Andrew’s expertise spans product accessibility, operational efficiency, process optimization, customer success, and strategic development, making him a driving force in propelling Steer CRM’s growth and market influence.

Sunil Patel

CEO and Co-Founder – Tekmetric

Sunil Patel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tekmetric Shop Management System. Sunil provides the vision for Tekmetric’s impact on the auto repair industry, relying on his own experience as an auto repair shop owner to offer efficient and effective shop management solutions for the industry. At Motorwërks Autogroup, a luxury auto repair shop that Sunil owned for 11 years, Sunil began experimenting with technology to run his shop more efficiently and grow his business. After talking to other shop owners, Sunil discovered many of his peers found his methods and practices helpful for their shops. Inspired, he assembled a team, and in 2016, he launched the first version of Tekmetric Shop Management System, a shop management software designed to better support auto repair shop owners in sustaining and expanding their shops.

Today, Sunil continues to disrupt the auto repair industry with his unique collaborative approach: networking with auto repair shop owners, sharing the insights gained from Tekmetric, and offering new products that drive the industry forward.

Carolyn Coquillette

Founder & CEO – Shop‑Ware Co-Founder & CEO – Earthling Automotive

Carolyn Coquillette is the founder and CEO of Shop-Ware shop management software, the Aftermarket’s premier enterprise-grade SaaS platform for shop management.

She also founded Luscious Garage, a hybrid-dedicated repair shop in San Francisco, awarded “Green Small Business of the Year” in 2007 and the first automotive business to become a Certified Benefit Corporation (2012). In 2023 Luscious was revamped into a new repair shop concept, Earthling Automotive, to focus on Electric Vehicle platforms as well as technical training.

Lee Heyward

Brand Image Strategist & Best‑Selling Author

Lee Heyward is a best-selling author and image strategist. Lee is the founder of The Prosperous Image, a consulting firm that gives clients an edge in the moments that matter. She works with elite service professionals to curate a personal and business brand that gives them a decisive advantage in their industry. Lee is the author of Simply Effortless Style, and her most recent book, Strategically Suited. Lee believes your image is a powerful marketing tool you always have access to.

Jason Patel

Performance Coach – ATI

Jason Patel is a dynamic force reshaping the automotive industry. As a Performance Coach at the Automotive Training Institute, he helps optimize operations and drive results. Simultaneously, as the Social Media Marketing and Content Expert at ShopLifeTV, Jason influences and inspires the next generation to embrace the automotive world through compelling digital narratives. Jason plays an active role in the automotive industry as he is the founder of Alpha Motorwerks, where they specialize in creating bespoke builds for private clientele through excellence in customer experience and an innovative approach to the automotive service industry.

Jonathan Sparks

Founder & CEO – Sparks Law, LLC

Jonathan Sparks is the owner of Sparks Law, a business focused law firm that handles the legal stuff for over 5,000 clients across the United States! He’s truly seen it all! We guarantee he will have an answer to all of your questions. He loves to work with growing shops to protect their branding and trademarks!

Sparks hails from the “big firm” King & Spalding, back in 2012, where he represented Fortune 500 Companies regularly, but left to help us all out (and be an entrepreneur himself). Sparks has received many accolades including Business Law Firm of the Year 5 years running, Super Lawyer’s Recognition 4 years running, and maintains a 4.9 Google Rating!

Oh, and he’s a rocker and podcaster, too! He legitimately tours the US with his classic rock band, and played in NYC 3 weeks ago!